Step 6: Install FMU

Task 1: Assemble the FMU in its case

Gather the FMU, FMU Case, and screw baggy that was taped to the FMU case.

Locate small button from the baggy and install it into the case as shown below:

Next, install the FMU to the bottom half of the case by using 4 screws from the bag.

Double check that the reset button is in place, and that you see movement, and feel the reset button click when pressing the button. It should be free to move. Adjust the screws as necessary to ensure the reset button is not permanently depressed.

Next, install the top of the case. There are 4 screw holes on the bottom for it to attach to.

Next, carefully apply the sticker to the top of the case.

Task 2: Put together shock mount for FMU

Gather the carbon-fiber plate and blue rubber grommets for the FMU mount.

Push a grommet through each of the 4 corners. We recommend using the flathead screwdriver from the kit to do so. These grommets are quite resilient, so you can use some force to get them in.

Task 3: Install shock mount to top PCB

Attach the shock mount to the other PCB like so:

Task 4: Install FMU to mount

Next, use 4 squars of double sided foam tape and apply them to the corners of the shock mount.

Then, attach the FMU in the orientation shown below. Make sure that the FMU is pointing directly towards the front of the PCB.

Take extra care to ensure the FMU is well aligned with the forward axis/direction of the Buggy.

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