We have an update about the support package update for the new Alamak Model.

You can find the patch fix here :

Again just a reminder, this is only for students that are using the new Alamak kits, these students will need to download the support package from here and then follow the instructions in the file exchange entry.

Note Students with the previous kit, Model C can continue to use the support package as is:

There are instructions within the entry for users to use it. Please be aware Model C is not being produced anymore. There are no more spare parts or kits available. We highly recommend to switch to model ALAMAK.

Contact MathWorks with any questions that they might have by writing to

This patch fix has been tested with R2017b. We recommend that students upgrade to R2017b. If they do not have access to R2017b, they can request software by clicking the request software button here :

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