Milestone 3 - Simple Reaction


In Milestone 3, NXP Gazebo Summer Camp participants will use the included AprilTag software to detect objects and react to them within the simulation environment. These challenges are similar to what is used in the real NXP Cup competition to ensure that participants have a similar feel. Example code will be given for detecting AprilTags, but example code for manuevering objects will not.


In this challenge, two objects will be presented to participants:

  1. A stop sign

  2. An object obstructing the road

Each one of these objects will be placed on opposite ends of the track. It is your job, as participants, to create algorithms to deal with these objects. There are requirements for each object:

  1. Stop sign

    1. Must stop at the stop sign for (5) seconds and then continue

  2. Object obstructing the road

    1. Must stop before the object for (3) seconds, go around the object without going off track, then continue

    2. Off-track is defined by the center of the car leaving the track's bounds.


NXP Gazebo Summer Camp participants will be asked to submit a video recording of their car going around the track successfully as well as reacting to each object and following the requirements set above. Requirements of this video are as follows:

  1. Video must be less than (10) minutes

  2. Show at least (1) successful lap with the simulated cup car reacting to each obstacle

  3. Use your fastest time if showing just (1) lap

Technical Documentation

Documentation for the example code to detect AprilTags is outlined in the sub-sections of the Milestone 3 documentation. You may use the sidebar or the navigation buttons below to continue.

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