Camera Module

We have discovered there are two different CCD modules being shipped.

Each camera has an end connector that ends up in a 5 pin 0.100" header. unfortunately this 5 pin connector is not used on the new boards.

Version 1

One version of the camera has an adapter board at the end of the cable which can be removed. When removed, the cable end fits correctly on the CCD1 header


Version 2

The second version uses flat flex cable and the adapter to the 5 pin header does not come apart.

This version has the correct signals on the 5 pin 0.100" connector, but does not fits the CCD1 header.

Version 2 problem resolution

In order to correct this problem a small adapter board has been prepared. LZCAMADAPT2 is the correct board to allow the 5 pin header to adapt to the 10 pin CCD1 header.

NOTE: *I* was rushing and made a dumb mistake on the first board LZCAMADAPT. This is corrected in LZCAMADAPT2.