Step 10: Installing the RC receiver

The FlySky i-6S radio controller will be helpful for developing and troubleshooting your buggy. It will also allow you to drive it manually if you want to have a bit of fun with it outside of NXP Cup!

Gather the FlySky i-6S radio controller package and unpack it.

We won't need the two baggies on the left - you can put those away. We are really focusing on the baggy on the right - the RC receiver.

The extra components provided in the center bag allow for spring loading the joystick which may be desirable in some instances.

Take the receiver out, and grab the double sided tape from the ESC bag - it should be a rounded rectangle with red covering tape.

You will also need the 3-prong to JST-GH connector for the receiver, shown in the picture below.

<TODO> 11/21/2022 The images below all show the 3 pin receiver connector installed in reverse. The white wire should be toward the outside. TODO- take new pictures and update.

Note the above (blue) picture shows the correct orientation of the RC cable wiring.

Place the tape on the back of the receiver and place the receiver on the back of the top PCB.

The antennas can be positioned in a variety of ways. You may wish to 3d print a mount for them, or use the oval holes on the edges of the PCB to zip tie them upward. Facing them upright will result in better range.

Plug the receiver into the FMU through the RC IN port.

Next we will connect the wires for the battery, FMU power, and PWM!

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