Milestone 2 - Time to go fast!


The objective of Milestone 2 is for NXP Cup participants to develop their algorithms into the NXP Gazebo simulation environment. Use either the aim_line_follow_c or aim_line_follow ROS nodes to do so. We already went over how to do this in the last milestone, but now it is time for you all to really hit the ground running and put your algorithms to the test!


Because the simulated car does not have bare PWM outputs, we know that it may be difficult to reach full continuity with your real car. We are aware of this, and will be brainstorming solutions based off of your feedback.

Share your code!

If you're comfortable sharing your code, feel free to fork the aim_line_follow_c or aim_line_follow git repositories and push your changes. We would love to see how you all implement your algorithms and how you manage using ROS2.

Submission for next milestone call

For Milestone 1 we asked you all to create a 5 minute video outlining your experience and what we could do to make the installation and initial setup better. For Milestone 2, we would like for you all to make a video showing:

These things will help us determine our next steps!

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