Getting started

Welcome to the MR-Buggy3 NXP-CUP Vehicle Chassis

This section is under construction. Come back later for the completed guide.

For the NXP Cup 2022 season, we are introducing a new robotics vehicle chassis called MR-Buggy3. This chassis is built on top of a modified WLToys 124019 chassis, which has many replacement and upgradeable parts available commercially. The MR-Buggy3 chassis is modified for the NXP Cup and HoverGames competitions with our Mobile Robotics suite of components and supports robotics boards such as the RDDRONE-FMUK66, NavQ+, UCANS32K146, UCANS32K1SIC, UCANS32K1SCT, MR-T1ETH8, RDDRONE-T1ADAPT, MR-CANHUBK3 and more.

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