LZCAMADAPT2 Camera Adapter


I was rushing and made a dumb mistake. *The board shown here*, With "LZCAMADAPT2" printed on it is the correct version.

A simple camera adapter board has been prepared to jumper from the original 5 pin 0.100" header/socket to the smaller 2x4 0.50" header/socket. Only "Version 2" camera module needs this adapter since the ribbon cable on "Version 2" already has the correct 0.50" connector, it just needs to be removed from its own adapter board that converts to 5 pin.

  • The board and schematic are available in EAGLE CAD format.


The small adapter looks like this:


Thee schematic is very basic. Just connects the pins as follows:

(Note the J1 is a socket and has the same numbering, but ther reverse pin location from the PCB header)

Image 1: The image above shows the socket (connector) installed on the camera pin header. Normally this would be soldered onto the PCB. This image was taken just as a check that it fit well.

<ToDo - insert picture here>

Image 2: The image above shows a paper version of the CAMADAPT2 PCB and how the 5 pin connector would solder in place. The socket (connector) shown in Image 1 should solder on the opposite side of this PCB