Welcome to NXP Cup

Welcome to the season 2019/2020!

In the new season 2019/20 the hardware setups will be more diverse. A few new rover configurations are released and are now presented. A new chassis from DFRobot is available up to now. This chassis supports brushed AND brushless motors for the first time. Two new MCUs will also be introduced. First, a board developed entirely for this competition will be presented. This board (called ARC board) was developed by students and professors of the "Haute-Ecole Arc" and made available to this competition. This supports brushed motors and a camera communicating via SPI. The Second board is the RDDRONE-FMUK66 which is also a part of the Hovergames drone. But you will see the FMU can do more than just flying. And for the first time an intelligent camera is introduced to the Cup, the Pixy 2 camera. This camera has its own MCU and does line tracking or colored block detection by itself. The Pixy 2 can communicate via I2C, SPI and UART.

All these components and configurations are described in this documentation. The default setup is the DFRobot chassis with brushed motors, the ARC board and the Pixy 2.

Students have the option of using setups from the past seasons or other NXP MCU boards. But these are not supported in this documentation.