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RDDRONE-CUPK64 AKA Micro E Board Development

This section presents possible tools for the development on the RDDRONE-CUPK64 AKA Micro E or ARC Mainboard.
On the next page MCUXpresso is presented. Is includes a step-by-step way to configure MCUXpresso for using the NXP MK64FN processor, which is included in the Mainboard.
Afterwards a description for using the a basic code is mentioned. The basic code shows examples for controlling the servo and the motors and includes a Pixy 2 driver. There is also a driver for the Melexis MLX75306 camera, but this is not mentioned in this section.
Flashing and debugging the Micro E board requires a JLink Debugger!
The USB port cannot be used for programming!
The following Segger Jlink can be used for flashing: