MR-Buggy3 build guide

Work in progress

Kit of parts

You should have the following items in your kit:

  • WLToys 124019 RC Car
  • 480A Brushed Motor ESC (Queenhobby or other brand)
  • JX Servo PDI-1181MG
  • 2x MR-Buggy3 Main PCBs
  • MR-Buggy3 Power Distribution Board
  • MR-Buggy3 PDB Front Mount
  • DCD-LZ Debug adapter with cable
  • Segger JLINK Mini EDU
  • USB-UART adapter cable.
  • FlySky FS-I6S Radio Controller w/ FS-iA6B receiver
  • Adapter cable for Pixy Camera
  • Camera mount
  • Various fasteners, including nylon spacers and WLToys spare fastener kit.
  • Hex wrench and socket set.
  • USB powered 2S battery charger

Not included in the kit, but required separately:

Optional depending on which specific kit was procured

  • Pixhawk 4 M8N GPS Module with Compass LED Indicator for Pixhawk 4 Flight Controller

Next steps

In the next page, you will start the steps to build your MR-Buggy3 car. Good luck!